Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly Photos - 10 & 11

I was so inspired by the Weekly Photo Project at Young House Love.  By the time I saw this post, I missed out on getting the photos like this for the first 9 weeks of Emily's life...but I still thought it would be fun if we started for Week 10.  I still haven't figured out the photo editting part of putting the numbers on the onesies...but at least now I have started her pictures.

10 weeks (Yes, the onesie is too big.  We couldn't find a preemie white onesie, so this is a newborn size)

11 weeks (Still too big).  This picture is so funny to me, I couldn't help but pick it.  Most of her other ones were really close to her 10 week picture.  I guess she hasn't changed that much in a week.

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  1. Love the weekly pictures. You may not be able to see how much she has grown, but we can. She is just beautiful!! Can't wait to see what the material behind her looks like in the next picture. This is so neat...Can't wait to copy it with Cassidy's new baby. Thanks for such a great idea. SMOOCHES...b