Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Emily's First "Buffy Night"

My best friends Linda, Kristin and I started "Buffy Night" when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was still on the air.  We would take turns making/bringing dinner and we'd sit and enjoy the newest Buffy episode.  At first I only watched because it was something to do... it didn't take long to become hooked.  After Buffy ended, we continued our "Buffy Night" tradition.  We just started from the beginning and would watch two episodes a week.  Now that they both moved away, we always try to have a "Buffy Night" when they are visiting.
Linda (who is really the instigator of Buffy Night) is in town from Japan.  We couldn't let this trip come and go without a "Buffy Night"!  We watched a couple of episodes including my favorite episode "Doppelgangland".  I only thought to snap a few pictures of Linda feeding Ems in between episodes.
Ems wore her "I <3 My Auntie" onesie!!  It was a great "Buffy Night"... I hope there is time or another one before Linda has to leave again. 

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