Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011

Emily's First Christmas was a huge success!  Here is a rundown in pictures:

As you can see, Emily made sure all presents were taste tested for security reasons.  She loved everything and has had fun playing with all of her new toys.  ** Barb, doesn't she look just like my mom in that last picture?**  Anyway, I hope everyone's Christmas was as blessed as ours.

I still will be posting a bunch of pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Texas, Louisiana and South Carolina!

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  1. She does have the look of your Mom in alot of pics. I think it is the way she looks at things or holds her head. I see alot of Joan in Ms Ems.... What an adorable little angel. Looks like she had a facinating holiday. The pic of her and PeePaw is adorable. Looks like she finally gave out..One for the books. And as far as taste testing all of her toys, you wouldn't want her to use toys that didn't taste good would you,haha...She sure is a keeper. Smooches...Auntie b