Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emily - 3 Months

My sweet baby girl turned THREE months old yesterday!

Weight: 8lbs, 1 oz
Length: 19 in
Sleeping Habits:  Sleeps great during the day....Nights are a different story.  Some nights are better than others.
Eating Habits:  She eats anywhere from 2-4oz every 2-3 hours.
Funny Habits:  When her binky falls out of her mouth and she can't quite get it back in by herself...she will settle for licking it.  It is hilarious to watch. - She snorts when she cries.  It is so cute!
Likes:  She loves her boppy and her Binky of course!  She also loves baths and snuggling!
Dislikes:  Being dressed and/or undressed.  She is not a huge fan of getting her diaper changed.... I guess that is a form of being dressed and undressed.

It has only been a few short (and long) months and I am already amazed when I look back at how small she really was and how far she has come.  See for yourself!

She started out at 2lbs, 8 oz!  All of the above pictures were taken by my sweet friend (and obviously amazing photographer) Christy Goetz
Her first binky.  It is a special preemie binky.  
The two pictures above are when she is a few days old.  This was the very first time I was allowed to hold her.  I can honestly say this is the most cherished moment of my entire life.
She was on photo therapy for a few days after she was born.  The nurses called these her "Catwoman" glasses.
 This was the day the "switch" was made.  From the preemie binky to the newborn binky!  She looks so cute holding her binky.
Her first bath!!!  Also now you can see how big that binky is compared to her face.  I laugh every time I see this picture. 
Awwww....Auntie Barbie!  
She loves her Uncle Teddy!
Auntie Kristin came down from Colorado to visit.  
I had to include this one.  I love how they look like they are just sharing a moment.
 She found a finger!! It was so adorable!
 This one is still one of my favorites of her!
YAY!  She finally gets to come home!  And just when I thought she was looking so "big" (at 4lbs, 8oz) we put her in the car seat and I was quickly reminded of how small she still is.  But how cute is she!?
 She loves her Uncle Jason too!
 David's sister and her family sent Emily a ton of presents.  I love how cute they are all wrapped.  We just had to put Ems in front and take a picture.
 One of her first baths at home!
 Enjoying some time snuggle with Ms Sharon!
She just stared at me the entire time I read to her.  She loves story time.
 She found her thumb!  It was not a graceful event but you don't need to be graceful when you are that cute!
Angel and Ems enjoying some outdoor time.
Happy 3 Month Birthday Ems!  You are more amazing than I ever dreamed you would be.

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  1. These are the best pictures EVER!! I love them with each person. She has really, really changed in the last month. I won't even recognize her in September. But, I am very excited and willing to reconnect with her and give her so many hugs and kisses. This blog is nice to be able to watch the changes even though I can't be there I still feel apart of her life. Thanks so much for including us in the growth of our Angel. I can't wait to see how big she has gotten at her next weigh in. She looks just so kissable now.. She is so BEAUTIFUL...