Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 4

I know it is Thursday, but I really did weigh in yesterday.  I just didn't get a chance to take a photo, then thought I would do it last night...I completely forgot to take it until this morning.  Then to top it off it is really blurry.  Someone I know needs to work on their photo taking skills (not going to mention names or anything).  So I guess better late and blurry than never, right?

Week 3 Rundown:
Week 3 was not my best, but honestly not my worst.  I only made it to the gym once and splurged on Saturday night when we went out to Bobby Q's (one of my favorite places ever).  Also it is headache season for me.  I had a couple of bad headaches this past week... but with those excuses behind me, I am looking forward to regrouping and getting back on track this week.

Week 3 Results:
No change.  I weighed in exactly the same as last week.

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 4
**Still 5.6 lbs lighter (overall)
**Emily weighed in at 9 lbs even.  I can't believe it!  She is my little "chunky" baby.  Just kidding...but she is really filling out!

Emily did way better than me at reaching her Week 3 Goals. She went swimming in her new bathing suit.  The suit is still a little too big even though it is a 0-3 month.  She LOVES the water!
She FINALLY got to meet Auntie Linda!  It was heart warming to witness this meeting.  Lots of love!
My Week 4 Goals:
**Eat wisely
**Go to the gym 3 times
**Drink 3 bottles of water a day

Emily's Week 4 Goals:
**Go on a date with Grandpa
**Hang out with other babies my age at church
**Send pictures to Nana Martha!

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