Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 2

There are two changes that will be made to my weekly weigh ins:  rewards and participants.

David and I decided to change up the rewards.  Every week that I meet my goals, I will reward myself with $10 for crafty-goodness (or anything else I choose).  Also, there will be separate larger rewards when I hit predetermined milestones.

As far as participants, there is a sweet little gal that lives with me that also wants to share her weekly progress.

Week 1 Rundown: 
Thank you to those that are supporting and encouraging me.  I really appreciate it!  My first week was successful.  I did make it to the gym twice.  Even though it has been about 9 months since I have worked out, it didn't go as bad as I thought it would.  I definitely am not able to do as much as I did when I stopped going, but it was a great start.  I really want to make sure I don't push it too hard, I don't want to end up with plantar fasciitis again.  I worked out both times on the elliptical.  Also, I did great at making better food choices as well.  I am usually a junk food junkie but really didn't have that desire during Week 1.  All but one meal I ate was homemade, so points could be tracked and portions/ingredients controlled.  The only meal I ate out was a very healthy one. 

Week 1 Results:
Lost 3.2 lbs
Wednesday Weigh In - Week 2
3.2 lbs lighter
My Week 2 Goals
**Go to the gym 3 times
**Stay on Point System
**Drink at least 4 bottles of water EVERY day
She weighed in at 8 lbs, 1 oz
Emily's Week 2 Goals
**Snuggle with Mommy and Daddy
**Daily Boppy Time
**Work on holding her head up


  1. Yay!! Congrats on the weight loss. :-) Way to stick with it, even when its not easy. AND OMGosh Ems does look bigger. 8 lbs 1 oz does her good. She makes weight gain look GOOD!! lol

  2. WOW...WAY TO GO...I knew you could do it. Twice at the gym..that in itself is a great achievement. I am so very proud of you. I believe it is harder to return to excercise than it is to begin it for the first time. You know what to expect and you still go, YAY FOR YOU..
    I love the new rewards - there is no greater reward than a shopping spree (with any amount) at Michaels.
    Now, my little Ms Ems...what can I say,,,she is just more BEAUTIFUL than the last picture. She has such a cute little button nose. I just can't wait to see her. You be sure to give her lots of hugs and kisses for me. She is looking great, love how the two of you have a blog, one losing and one gaining. Very enjoyable to see how well the little lady is doing. I am so happy for you!!!
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I look forward to next week, I just know that you will be MICHAELS BOUND then also.
    SMOOCHES....Auntie b